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Plan Memory CPU Power Storage IP Bandwidth Price Location
KVM 512M 512MB 2.4GHz1 core 15 GB 1 IPv4 0.5TB Bandwidth

$32.46/year On sale Save 35% with annual billing cycle

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KVM 1G 1 GB 2.4GHz1 core 20 GB 1 IPv4 1TB Bandwidth

$52.00/year On sale Save 35% with annual billing cycle

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KVM 2G 2 GB 2.4GHz1 cores 40GB 1 IPv4 2TB Bandwidth

$75.87/year On sale Save 35% with annual billing cycle

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KVM 2G PRO 2 GB 4.8GHz2 cores 50GB 2 IPv4 3TB Bandwidth


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KVM 4G 4 GB 6.2GHz3 cores 80GB 2 IPv4 3TB Bandwidth


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KVM 8G 8 GB 8.6GHz4 cores 100GB 3 IPv4 7 TB Bandwidth


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KVM 12G 12GB 8.6GHz4 cores 150GB 3 IPv4 12 TB Bandwidth


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KVM 12G PRO 12GB 19.2GHz8 cores 250GB 3 IPv4 12 TB Bandwidth


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KVM 16G 16GB 19.2GHz8 cores 320GB 4 IPv4 12 TB Bandwidth


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Our Data centers Location

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Why Choose VPS Hosting?



The virtual servers comes with full root access which allows administrator access over your hosting environment, along with the ability to install custom software without any restrictions. Additionally, our Server Management Panel gives you complete control of the server with actions as Start, Stop, Rebuild and much more

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You have the freedom to choose the operating system and software you want to install on the server.

Our VPS lets you customize your hosting environment to the exact scale you need without paying a penny over.
The key is just to assure that you can find a reliable VPS solution that meets your hosting needs.

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You can chose your VPS (virtual private server) with dedicated resources and SSD Storage in multiple datacenters worldwide.

While some service providers take hours or days to get your server up and running. Our VPS servers are designed to be provisioned within minutes!
Unlike many VPS hosting service providers, we don’t charge any setup fee.

All of Our VPS Hosting Packages Come With

Outstanding Performance meets Complete Scalability

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VPS Hosting

Our servers and infrastructure are by default protected against denial of service attacks (DDoS).



Super fast, high reliability, local RAID, Solid State Disks,ensure that your applications run quickly and data is served to your users at lightning speed.

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Unlimited 24/7 Support

Our expert Technical Support team is on standby to diagnose and solve any issues you encounter.


Control Panel

You can manage your virtual machine directly from the client account where you can restart, stop, start the virtual machine and even reinstall the desired operating system.

dedicated ip

Dedicated IP

Your Virtual Private Server will be provisioned with a dedicated IP. Our IP's are blacklist checked to ensure you are given a clean IP.

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Guaranteed Dedicated Resources

Each server has been allocated its own resources, with no overselling or sharing of CPU, RAM or any other system resources

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VPS Control Panel

Our control panel is built to simplify administrative tasks and reduce the time it typically takes to manage a fast VPS.

  • Starting
  • Rebooting
  • Shutting down
  • Realtime Statistics
  • Ready made OS Templates
  • One Click LAMP application
  • Add Reverse DNS
  • Install Custom ISO

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

You will get a guarantee of 99.9% of uptime guarantee with our VPS hosting service. Cloud VPS infrastructure is empowered with high-performance SSD storage that ensures flawless performance smoothly. All Locations are linked to eachother through optic fiber, allowing us to provide low latency connection and over 10TB/s bandwidth.

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Premium Everything - Especially Support

An in-house, expert team is available round-the-clock to help resolve your queries to get you started and grow your presence online. We are there when you get stuck-anytime, day or night. We help you create a website fast and easy by resolving all web hosting queries!

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VPS is an abbreviation for "virtual private server". A VPS works by dividing a physical server into separate virtual machines. Each of these virtual machines, or virtual private servers, operate completely independently from one another. In other words, each VPS has its own operating system as well as allocation of resources like RAM, CPU and disk space. This provides you with an environment that closely mimics that of a Dedicated Server, without the costs associated with it..
Another great question. A dedicated server is a server that's literally dedicated to you and no one else, which means the world (or in this case, server) is your oyster. Learn more about the
Cloud computing is a process in which multiple servers and their resources are pooled together versus than a single dedicated server. Cloud computing takes both software and hardware and works together to provide powerful, efficient and reliable web hosting.
As opposed to shared, cloud hosting allows you to use the resources of multiple servers, instead of confined to one single location.